It’s the slanted interior walls, to be sure. This innovative design funnels food to one easy-to-find spot making it possible for little learners to find and enjoy every bite. While you can use any utensil with the bowl, it obviously works very well with our pre-spoon GOOtensils.

What age is the bowl intended for?

Most kids tackle stage one utensils between the ages of 10 and 16 months. But every child develops at their own rate. Even after the child has transitioned to the spoon they can still use the Beginner Bowl. Because of the innovative shape, it will hold less milk with cereals and less milk means less mess!

Why doesn’t the bowl have a suction bottom?

We did a lot of research on this before starting the design process and what we discovered is that parents who have used suction bowls offer mixed reviews. Their reasons: They lose suction over time; they don’t work as well on some surfaces; and, our favorite, it takes kids about 2 minutes to crack the suction code. We didn’t want a first-time mom bowl. We wanted a bowl that parents would buy and use with kids one, two, and three, and would recommend it to other parents as well.

Am I crazy or does the Beginner Bowl look a lot like a dog bowl?

You’re right, it does. There’s a reason for that. The broad-based bowl, as it’s called in the design world, is the most stable bowl design on the planet. That’s why it’s the go-to choice for pet bowls. Because, as we know, pets tend to knock over bowls. Do you know who else knocks over bowls? Kids! So, we decided to go with this tried-and-true design. We think the dogs may be on to something!

Is the Beginner Bowl microwave and dishwasher safe?

Our Beginner Bowl is dishwasher-safe. It should NOT be used in a microwave as the material isn't made to withstand that high of heat. It's always best practice to heat foods on a glass/ceramic dish.