Are the GOOtensils and Beginner Bowl dishwasher safe?

It is recommended that the spoon and bowl be rinsed off after each use. A dishwasher will clean all areas of the spoons and bowl. A scrubbing brush, bottle brush, straw brush, or sponge can be used to clean all areas of the spoon and bowl.

Both the GOOtensils and the Beginner Bowl are dishwasher-safe. GOOtensils can also be placed in boiling water for no more than 1 minute. This will clean and sanitize the spoons. 

The GOOtensils can be placed in the freezer as an ice pop to soothe teething gums! 

Are the Beginner Bowl and GOOtensil microwave and steam sterilization safe?

Due to the high heat of the microwave and a steam sterilization unit, these products will melt.

Do not place these products in the microwave or steam sterilization unit as these will damage the GOOtensils and the Beginner Bowl.