The NumNum®GOOtensilis a pre-spoon designed to make self-feeding less frustrating for children who are being introduced to utensils for the first time. NumNums are completely flat, so there’s no wrong way to hold them! That means there is no scooping, no balancing, and no rules! Just dip, eat and repeat. 

What are the benefits of using GOOtensils?

So many parents say “no” to handing over the spoon to their kids for months and months. With NumNum, they can say “yes!” Even at a year of age, it’s a powerful word that encourages learning and nurtures budding independence. So there’s a wonderful psychological benefit to be gained. The other benefits are that it allows the child to work on the basic food-to-mouth feeding motion and other skills until wrist rotation sets in.

At what age should I introduce utensils?

Most kids are ready to begin experimenting with utensils between the ages of 10 and 16 months. But every child develops at their own rate and some are ready as early as 6 months while others won’t be ready till they’re 18 months or older.

Could using a GOOtensil delay a child’s ability to use a spoon?

Absolutely not. Every child is hard wired to develop wrist rotation at a specific age. Nothing can change that date. Introducing a spoon before a child has the skills to effectively use it, however, can lead to a range of feeding challenges, including picky eating. Our product lets children enjoy the satisfaction of participating in mealtime until wrist rotation sets in.

Couldn’t a child just use a spoon and get the same results?

As any second-time parent can attest, when a beginner attempts to use a traditional spoon, most of the food will end up in their lap. That’s because to effectively use a spoon requires wrist rotation, a major motor skill that unlocks scooping and balancing. This skill doesn’t set in until a child's second birthday, sometimes later! Our product is totally flat and, as a result, doesn’t require scooping or balancing. The emotional benefits of a child successfully participating in mealtime builds both self-confidence and independence.

What do feeding experts say about your GOOtensils?

Simply put, they love them! Pediatric feeding specialists stress the importance of the feeding implement matching the child's skill level, which is exactly what our product is designed to do. It's probably why our GOOtensils are used in feeding clinics across the U.S. We should also mention that we are incredibly lucky to have one of the world's leading pediatric feeding experts on our Board of Advisors so parents can be confident that every product we introduce is developmentally sound for their child to use.