If you are experiencing leaking from the hole at the top of the lid, please follow the below instructions:
  1. Install the straw into the lid by pulling the straw through the lid until you hear the straw snap into place (Image Step #1)
  2. From the underside of the lid, rotate the straw until the straw's tab is positioned directly over the hole in the lid (Image Step #2)
  3. Push that tab upwards into the lid and over the lid's hold to lock the straw into place and prevent leaking (Image Step #2)
  4. Install the handles on the bottle so that the cutouts fit over the ridges of the bottle (Image Step #3)
  5. Fill the cup with liquid before screwing the lid on the bottle and make sure that the dot on the lid/handles is aligned with the pill shape line on the bottle/handles  (Image Step #4)

If you are still experiencing issues with the leaking please fill out a request form.