We designed the NumNum Straw Training Cup and chose a valveless straw with pediatric specialists who understand the challenges and development stages of infants and toddlers to meet their unique needs and motor skills development.

Valve straws may be more leakproof, but they (as well as other bite-to-sip cups and sippy cup tops) require significant force from children to drink from and create atypical motor patterns that can hinder development.

Our short, narrow, and valveless straw was designed to promote oral motor skills (e.g. proper tongue tip placement, and lip closure that plays important roles in speech development and palate formation) and allow for a more natural and consistent flow of liquid to make it easy for your little one. 

Our Straw Training Cup has a leak-proof cap and we are spill-proof when fully shut. To minimize the chances of leaking, we engineered a pressure system to keep liquids inside the cup.

If you are experiencing a leaking training cup, please follow the troubleshooting steps within the article: My straw training cup is leaking. How can I fix this?